The Group aims to be recognized as an industry leader in corporate responsibility and to this end is committed to continuous improvement.

The Group is committed to contributing to the development of local communities through local employment and corporate responsibility projects. Contributing to the success of these projects have been the Group’s overarching support and the willingness of our personnel to volunteer their time and make donations in support of their local corporate responsibility activities.

For the year ended 30 June 2016, the Group engaged in a broad range of activities across its business with a strong focus on community projects that require technically skilled volunteers. Other activities include fundraising for not-for-profit organizations, scholarships, sponsorships, training, programs to reduce the Group’s impact on the environment and programs promoting improved diversity and inclusion.

The Group has reported an increase in volunteer hours for internal programs and community skilled volunteering programs. While there was a solid performance of direct financial contributions by our operations and personnel, the overall value of these contributions has reduced in line with the scale of the business.

Across our industries and operations, the Group is seeing increasing expectations related to supplier selection processes and ethical conduct. The Group sees this as an opportunity to lead our contractors and suppliers to increased ethical, social and environmental performance.


WorleyParsons is committed to working with our customers and suppliers to achieve results that grow our company, reward our shareholders and our people and contribute to our communities. We acknowledge our responsibilities to the communities in which we operate. Our Corporate Responsibility Policy outlines our commitments to: Governance, Ethics and Transparency, Our People, Human Rights, Community, Fair Operating Practices and Supply Chain, and the Environment.


The WorleyParsons Foundation objectives are to:

  • support the execution of high impact strategic community projects;
  • become a vehicle for direct corporate investment, fundraising and volunteering;
  • expand opportunities for Group personnel to be directly or indirectly involved in foundation activities; and
  • raise awareness of WorleyParsons’ corporate responsibility credentials with its stakeholders.

The WorleyParsons Foundation recognizes and acknowledges employees for their personal contribution in activities that help promote the key themes of education, disaster recovery, skilled volunteering, diversity and inclusion and enterprise development.

Foundation Awards were given to 195 individuals responsible for 81 outstanding corporate responsibility activities across 20 countries aligned to the key themes.

Four WorleyParsons Foundation projects were progressed in FY2016:

  • collaboration with the Red Cross for disaster recovery in the Philippines, developing models for large scale skilled remote volunteering;
  • capability development of Robogals preparedness for global expansion, so they can scale their model to introduce careers in science and technology to schoolgirls across the world;
  • project delivery of a shelter house for preschool children for the community of Island of Queullín, Chile; and
  • project delivery of community bore well water, solar power and school buildings for families in Kelicha Pada and two further nearby villages, India.

A further three projects commenced during FY2016:

  • selection and provision of Kangaroo Mother Care support chairs for National Hospital, Dili, Timor Leste;
  • support of earthquake disaster recovery with Red Cross, Ecuador; and
  • support of wildfires disaster recovery with Red Cross, Canada.


In FY2016, the Group reached a number of corporate responsibility milestones, including:

  • conducting a robust corporate responsibility materiality review mapping economic, social and environmental issues;
  • establishing strategic partnerships and collaborations promoting skilled volunteering opportunities for our people;
  • expanding the WorleyParsons Foundation by supporting more projects and community partners, governed by the WorleyParsons Foundation Council;
  • progressing a global diversity and inclusion program implementing Diversity and Inclusion Expectations across the business focusing on six key areas:
  • diverse and inclusive workplace, recruitment and promotion, closing pay gaps, accountability and engagement, flexibility and community;
  • delivering non-financial performance commitments covered in the Corporate Responsibility Indicators section of this report, including gender diversity targets and an environmental emissions target;
  • listing as a member of the 2015 Dow Jones Sustainability Index Australia and participated in the Corporate Sustainability Assessment for the first time;
  • continuing the Group’s corporate responsibility reporting process using the internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative 4.0 Framework;
  • fulfilling the Group’s fourth year obligations as a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption; and
  • continuing to deliver sustainability-enhancing services to the Group’s customers through the Group’s advisory service offering.



The Group undertook various corporate responsibility activities in FY2016, including:

  • participating directly in and reporting over 460 corporate responsibility activities across 23 countries, involving over 8,600 Group personnel;
  • supporting local communities through the network of corporate responsibility champions across 65 offices as well as ongoing participation in the Group’s own programs: DeltaAfrik Foundation in Nigeria, UnitedWay program in Canada and various corporate responsibility and local social committees;
  • contributing over $530,000 towards educational programs over 35 offices;
  • providing scholarships amounting to $76,000;
  • group matching $68,000 of Group personnel fundraising programs in Australia, Canada, Ecuador, New Zealand and Trinidad;
  • donating 210 liters of blood across eight offices and 476 participants to local health organizations and hospitals;
  • reducing carbon emissions across a number of offices through behavioral change programs, office consolidation, encouraging use of public transport, flexible work options from home, recycling and FollowMe smart printing;
  • expanding the WorleyParsons Academy with an online portal as the one-stop-shop for WorleyParsons development programs; and
  • participating in and contributing to various workshops and forums on diversity, anti-corruption, Indigenous issues, ethical supply chain and human rights issues.


The Group undertook various diversity and inclusion activities in FY2016, including:

  • launching the Diversity and Inclusion Expectations with a leadership statement and videos;
  • continuing the global Diversity and Inclusion Working Group to provide guidance and support for diversity and inclusion initiatives and promote engagement with local networks;
  • developing an internal diversity scorecard to monitor and review progress across the expectations for discussion and action by leaders;
  • launching an internal flexible work campaign to share real stories and examples of our people working in flexible work arrangements to promote understanding about flexible working;
  • cascading ‘Check Yourself, Bias Awareness’ workshops and informal discussions targeted at middle management across a number of offices;
  • launching a global Pledge for Parity campaign for International Women’s Day, which engaged 890 of our people across 20 countries and 40 locations;
  • addressing gender pay gaps through annual pay reviews ; and
  • supporting diversity and Women of WorleyParsons networks across 20 local communities, prompting local activities and progress.



A corporate responsibility materiality assessment was conducted to prioritize current economic, social and environmental issues that are most important to our business and stakeholders (our people, customers and investors).

Further information on our corporate responsibility materiality assessment and the associated materiality matrix is included in the 2016 Corporate Responsibility Performance Report.


Contributions by Group personnel and the Group’s business operations are measured in terms of Australian dollar contributions and volunteer time contributions.

The Group uses the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration reporting requirements for Total Recordable Case Frequency Rate (TRCFR) and Lost Workday Case Frequency Rate (LWCFR).

The Group also measures online training hours.

The Group’s corporate responsibility indicators for FY2016 and preceding two years were:

The Group completed a response for the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for FY2015 which was reported in June 2016. The Group’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions were recorded to assist the Group to measure and reduce its energy consumption and to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The data collection and analysis stimulated energy and carbon reduction measures in the global energy efficiency program in selected offices. The Company also completed a CDP response in respect of its water use for FY2015.

The Group is in the process of deregistering under the Australian National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 as the corporate threshold was not exceeded in FY2016 with the sale of Exmouth Power Station.

Our energy target for FY2016 is set at 2.5% reduction of total carbon dioxide equivalents (tCO2-e) against base year FY2014. In FY2015, a reduction of 17% is well ahead of the two year target. Business downsizing and subsequent consolidation of office area have contributed to this reduction.

Data for greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption for FY2014 and FY2015 were:

Last year, the Board set measurable objectives for achieving gender diversity. FY2016 shows encouraging progress, and the Group is focused on improving our female representation with the proportion of women employees within the Group, women in senior executive positions and women non-executive directors to achieve our target. The Group’s progress over time is included in the 2016 Corporate Governance Statement and progress towards achieving the objectives in FY2016 is set out in the table below:


Independent assurance supports our commitment to transparency and accountability. To provide confidence to our stakeholders in our reporting, Ernst & Young provided limited assurance, in accordance with the ISAE 3000 standard, over selected corporate responsibility performance data in our 2015 Annual Report.

No significant changes have been made to these reporting processes in the 2016 Annual Report. Access the assurance statement here.



  • In July 2015, WorleyParsons retained the status of a ‘National Community Partner’ with Australian Red Cross. This collaboration is the first of its kind and demonstrates commitment to our communities and support for skilled volunteering. It also showcases our global reach of knowledge, and should position WorleyParsons as an industry leader among our peers in large scale ‘pro bono’ services, focusing on disaster recovery.


  • In July 2015, WorleyParsons was listed as ‘Australia's 30 Most InDemand Employers: 2015’. WorleyParsons ranked 17 out of 30 and it was the first time that the Company was recognized on LinkedIn’s annual list. The rankings are based on user interactions with the company page measuring reach and engagement.


  • In July 2015, WorleyParsons India was awarded ‘Best in Class Corporate Social Responsibility Practice’ award for its efforts in a host of skilled volunteering and fundraising activities. The Responsible Business Awards are recognized by the World CSR Congress and World Federation of CSR Professionals and in addition are endorsed by the Asian Confederation of Industries.


  • In October 2015, WorleyParsons was named the ‘Best Global Supplier of 2015’ in the category of Exceptional Performance by BASF. The Exceptional Performance award recognizes WorleyParsons' long term commitment to developing a high performance culture and outstanding efforts to deliver high value results for BASF.


  • In November 2015, WorleyParsons United Kingdom was presented with the prestigious ‘Payroll Giving Silver Award 2015’ for fostering a culture of philanthropy and committed giving in the workplace by making Payroll Giving available to employees. The National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards showcase the best Payroll Giving schemes in the UK.


  • In November 2015, WorleyParsons was announced as the winner of the ‘Best Year on Year Improvement in Climate Disclosure for 2014-2015’ in the Carbon Disclosure Project Climate Leadership Awards.


  • In December 2015, WorleyParsons Malaysia was awarded the ‘Gold HSE Award for the Chemicals sector’ by the Malaysian Occupational Health and Safety Practitioners’ Association (MOSHPA) for the HSE performance and processes established on the Hibiscus Project. This award from MOSHPA recognizes the significant efforts on the Project to achieve Zero Harm and the exceptional performance of the site management team.


  • In April 2016, WorleyParsons India was awarded the ‘Golden Globe Tigers Summit Award for Community Development’ for their contribution and development of five villages in a remote tribal region near Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The WorleyParsons India team has installed water pumps and tanks, solar panels as a source of renewable energy, refurbished the local school and set up a new E-Learning Center.


  • In June 2016, WorleyParsons was granted ‘Silver Recognition Level in Corporate Social Responsibility’ by EcoVadis. The award places the Group in the top 30% of performers evaluated by EcoVadis. As an independent rating agency, EcoVadis provides supplier sustainability ratings for global supply chains.


  • In June 2016, WorleyParsons achieved a ‘Leading’ rating in the 2016 research report, Corporate Reporting in Australia: Disclosure of Sustainability Risks among S&P/ASX200 Companies by the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors. The Leading rating is the highest of the five categories and demonstrates to investors that the Company takes investor issues seriously and gives investors valuable information to better inform their investment decision.


Community involvement in Lagos, Nigeria included Ebola containment through community awareness.

Case Studies
The WorleyParsons Academy
The WorleyParsons Academy

The Academy was launched in 2015 to provide learning solutions that develop and enhance our people’s core workplace skills and capabilities in the areas of project delivery, business development and leadership.

The Academy provides a blended approach to learning and development through the use of both physical campuses and online presence. The first campus opened in Houston, USA. The facilities feature state-of-the art audio/video functionality, with the ability to ‘broadcast’ classes to locations around the globe.

The Academy online portal was launched in 2016 and is the one-stop-shop for WorleyParsons development programs. The portal allows access to all course materials, including scheduled courses, on-demand e-learning solutions and recordings by technical experts.

"Developing talent is a core area of focus for our office and we look forward to further training opportunities for our staff and our customers." Matthew Bishop, Managing Director, Oman.
Matthew Bishop, Managing Director, Oman.
International Women’s Day 2016
International Women’s Day 2016

A photo competition was held for International Women’s Day inviting our people to submit a photo of their pledge for gender equality. The competition attracted a large response of inspiring photos and powerful pledges from 40 locations.

Over 890 people in our organization shared their belief in gender parity and made a strong pledge towards achieving this. CEO, Andrew Wood, started the ball rolling by pledging to encourage equal opportunity and remove bias from our workplace.

“Parity is not to compete or rebel against the other gender. It is to attain sameness and to achieve consistent treatment irrespective of gender. Parity can only be achieved through cooperation from both genders. We all have a part to play in sustaining the drive towards our pledge for parity.”
The Pledge for Parity from the people of the Lagos office, Nigeria.
Kangaroo Mother Care, Timor Leste
Kangaroo Mother Care, Timor Leste

A team of nine graduates from Australia, India and Oman worked together on a WorleyParsons Foundation project. The aim was to find a flexible seating solution for new parents of premature children using the Kangaroo Mother Care program at a maternity hospital in Dili, Timor Leste.

The graduate team used Design Thinking methodology, promoted through our Innovation program to utilize divergent thinking (create choices) and convergent thinking (make choices) to help arrive at a solution and new ideas. The medical team in Dili approved the proposed solution and the chairs selected will be tested at the space-constrained neo-natal unit, followed by full roll out.

"The Kangaroo Mother Care project taught me to start doing what's necessary to help the parents, then what's possible to brainstorm ideas from different minds, and suddenly you are doing the impossible to work across the globe with different time zones. I do feel happy that I did something for the betterment of mankind."
Jeenal Panchal, graduate Process Engineer, Mumbai, India.
‘Check Yourself, Bias Awareness’ Workshop, India
‘Check Yourself, Bias Awareness’ Workshop, India

A key focus for the diversity and inclusion program has been to develop and roll out a ‘Check Yourself, Bias Awareness’ workshop across WorleyParsons India, Kazakhstan, Oman and Australia.

The workshop supports our Diversity and Inclusion Expectations and is tailored so that team leaders, managers and diversity and inclusion champions can deliver this with teams. The aim of the workshop is for participants to consider and discuss the impact of bias on their behaviors and decision-making and to address how they can interrupt bias at the individual, team and organization level.

WorleyParsons India has taken the lead by rolling out the workshop and informal conversations in the Location, which has been cascaded to over 600 employees as demonstrated by signed charters on their desks. The commitment was to sign and stand by it.

“The sessions were very engaging, with everyone sharing stories and experiences around bias and its interrupters."
Harini Sreenivasan, Head of People, Global Delivery Centre, India.
Responsibility for Human Rights in Our Supply Chain,  Kazakhstan
Responsibility for Human Rights in Our Supply Chain, Kazakhstan

WorleyParsons Kazakhstan operations have always taken social responsibility seriously and are committed to caring for their contractors, including meeting internationally-recognized human right commitments. Location leaders took action when made aware employees of their office cleaning contractors received delayed salary payments over a period of time.

A meeting with our contractors explaining expectations sped up the settlement of the issue and all contractor staff received their salary payments immediately.

“As part of corporate responsibility, we are committed to look after our contractors and ensure timely payments for the services they provide.”
Tatiana Sugrue, Corporate Responsibility Champion, Kazakhstan.
Kitchen for Oncology Ward, Angola
Kitchen for Oncology Ward, Angola

As part of their corporate responsibility program, WorleyParsons Angola designed and installed a kitchen at the Luanda Children’s Cancer Hospital to help support children undergoing cancer treatment as well as their families.

The WorleyParsons Angola team, which donated time and materials for the project, took 360 hours to complete the kitchen conversion with no lost time incidents. The result was a kitchen that can accommodate up to 12 people and is fully equipped with furniture and cooking accessories.

The kitchen helps the children who are hospitalized as well as their family members who often come from distant provinces in Angola and do not have relatives in Luanda to support them with food and accommodation while they stay in Luanda for the entire period of chemotherapy.

"This initiative is a great example of our talented and caring people providing a combination of their specialist skills with fundraising and project management ability to deliver an outcome for our community."
John Armstrong, General Manager, Angola.
Collaborating with Red Cross on Disaster Recovery Programs
Collaborating with Red Cross on Disaster Recovery Programs

WorleyParsons collaborated with Red Cross to integrate our skilled volunteers into their international disaster recovery projects, whereby WorleyParsons has been awarded the status of a 'National Community Partner' with Australian Red Cross.

This collaboration is the first of its kind for the Red Cross and will provide innovative support to its partner organizations. WorleyParsons supported two engineers to work on a waste management project in northern Philippines. Collecting and managing waste are very difficult due to the remote location and a lack of infrastructure.

The engineers were supported by remote volunteers that meant that a pool of WorleyParsons resources could be utilized for the greater good of disadvantaged communities.

"The WorleyParsons collaboration has been great for Australian Red Cross. The expertise and extra support WorleyParsons has provided has really helped the project progress and they've helped our partners in the Philippines find solutions to this difficult problem."
Catherine Harris, International Volunteer Partner, Australian Red Cross.
Advisian Volunteers and Technology Helping Refugees in Kenya, Canada
Advisian Volunteers and Technology Helping Refugees in Kenya, Canada

Seven Advisian employees, led by Principal Geophysicist, Paul Bauman, volunteered their time to find safe groundwater for approximately 185,000 refugees living in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Kakuma Camp near the borders of Uganda, South Sudan, and Ethiopia.

Using electrical resistivity tomography and seismic refraction surveys, the team located new and safer sources of drinkable groundwater to supply the local community, which are currently being used by the UNHCR to guide their groundwater drilling program. Paul Bauman was awarded with a prestigious Community Service Award by the Association of Professional Engineering and Geoscientists of Alberta.

"The water supply situation is very difficult at the Kakuma Refugee Camp, with most areas receiving 12 to 17 liters of water per person per day and water quality in many areas of the Camp is poor due to elevated fluoride and salt concentrations.”
Paul Bauman, Advisian Geophysics Technical Director, Canada
Pollinate Energy Young Professionals Program in India, Australia
Pollinate Energy Young Professionals Program in India, Australia

The Pollinate Energy Young Professionals Program is a unique and exciting opportunity to implement change and leverage on our peoples' expertise and knowledge to help a developing social business through the local Australia East corporate responsibility program.

Advisian Associate, Craig Henderson, spent two weeks in Hyderabad providing skilled volunteering to improve the social business processes and train the local ‘Pollinators’ to further develop their business expertise. Pollinate Energy is a not-for-profit social business which through its network of micro-distributors, supplies solar- powered home lighting systems to India's poor living without electricity.

“Empowering local social entrepreneurs is a key step in allowing countries like India to address energy poverty. Social entrepreneurs aren’t individual heroes, they rely on the team they build around them and the network they create in order to mobilize change – a network I am now proud to be a part of.”
Craig Henderson, Advisian Associate, Australia.
Massey Street Children's Hospital Project, Nigeria
Massey Street Children's Hospital Project, Nigeria

WorleyParsons operations in Lagos, Nigeria, under the banner of DeltaAfrik Foundation, renovated and refurbished the Emergency Room of Massey Street Children's Hospital, Lagos Island (the oldest dedicated children's hospital in the country).

In addition to renovating the infrastructure and interior, DeltaAfrik Foundation also donated biomedical equipment, a lifesaving suction machine/oxygen concentrator, beds for newborns and older children, as well as fully-furnished call rooms for doctors and nurses on duty.

A total of 35 volunteers from the WorleyParsons operations were involved as skilled volunteers assisting in project management, procurement, needs assessment, vendor appraisals, project site inspections and progress reviews.

“This initiative will greatly assist in reducing infant mortality as intensive care for each child will be possible. We say a big thank you to DeltaAfrik Foundation.”
Dr Emokpae, Medical Director Massey Street Children's Hospital, Nigeria.
The Laiyuan Project, China
The Laiyuan Project, China

Corporate responsibility activity for the Laiyuan primary school was initiated in 2013 and is organized by the graduates of the WorleyParsons China operations. The operation has sponsored a reading room and donated more than 1800 books. More than 100 volunteers from WorleyParsons China have been involved, with 36 employees supporting a one-on-one relationship with 35 disadvantaged children.

This year, WorleyParsons China employees visited three primary schools in Yinger, Hehuntai and Zhangjiafen counties in Laiyuan and donated school supplies, stationery, bags, gloves, books, toys, as well as electric kettles and winter clothing to each child.

“We are keen to give a helping hand to these children in poverty-stricken areas who can have better living conditions to continue their school studies. We fully support this project initiated by our graduates and help to promote it within the whole company, which reflects our commitment to corporate responsibility.”
Karl Qiu, President, China.
WorleyParsons’ Support for the Ecuador Earthquake Disaster Recovery
WorleyParsons’ Support for the Ecuador Earthquake Disaster Recovery

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador in April 2016, where 30 WorleyParsons employees were working in the Esmeraldas Refinery. The immediate response was to ensure all employees and their families were safe and accounted for through our emergency response system.

The WorleyParsons Foundation raised funds through a company matching initiative, where funds were donated to Red Cross Ecuador to provide humanitarian support to people and communities affected by the earthquake.

A structural engineer, Carmen Luz Castillo from WorleyParsons Chile, volunteered to travel to Ecuador to assist with the structural integrity assessments of the employees’ apartment buildings. An HSE team was also assigned to support the Esmeraldas authorities and the local community.

“After evaluating the damage to the buildings where people from our company lived, I met the team and their families. I briefed them on my structural assessment to reassure them and for us all to share two-way experiences, both their recent traumatic experience in Esmeraldas, and our own experiences after several earthquakes in Chile.”
Carmen Luz Castillo, Project Engineering Manager, Chile.