The directors present their report on the consolidated entity consisting of WorleyParsons Limited (Company) and the entities it controlled (Group or consolidated entity) at the end of, or during, the year ended 30 June 2016.

During the financial year, Ernst & Young, the Group’s auditor, performed certain other services in addition to its statutory audit duties. Total fees for non-audit services provided by the auditor amounted to $931,622.

The Board has adopted a policy governing the provision of non-audit services by the auditor. The Board has considered the position and, in accordance with the advice received from the Audit and Risk Committee, is satisfied that the provision of the non-audit services is compatible with the general standard of independence for auditors imposed by the Act. The directors are satisfied that the provision of non-audit services by the auditor did not compromise the auditor independence requirements of the Act for the following reasons:

  • all non-audit services have been reviewed by the Audit and Risk Committee to ensure they do not impact the integrity and objectivity of the auditor; and
  • none of the services undermines the general principles relating to auditor independence as set out in APES 110 Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants, including reviewing and auditing the auditor’s own work, acting in a management or decision making capacity for the Group, acting as advocate for the Group or jointly sharing economic risk and rewards.

A copy of the auditor’s independence declaration as required under section 307C of the Act is as follows: