WorleyParsons is a professional services provider to the resources, energy and industrial sectors.

Our business is based on our people providing key services to our customers from within our business lines. We strive to empower our people to support our customers to be successful. We support our people with our business procedures and systems and generate earnings by charging their time spent performing professional services, to our customers.

Aggregated revenue and profit: Our sources of revenue and profit are diversified and revenue and profit are generated from a large number of customers. As a result, we are not dependent on any one of our customers for a significant portion of our revenue or profit. Aggregated revenue excludes revenue that has nil margin (this typically relates to procurement revenue where WorleyParsons undertakes procurement on our customers’ behalf with no exposure to financing costs or warranty obligations). We believe the disclosure of revenue attributable to associates provides additional information in relation to the financial position of the Group and include this revenue within aggregated revenue.

Costs: Our two largest costs are: staff costs; and administration costs, which include office lease costs. We also have a significant amount of pass through costs reimbursed by our customers. 

Assets and liabilities: The significant items on our balance sheet are mainly project related, such as trade receivables, unbilled contract revenue, provisions and borrowings. We also hold a number of intangible assets generated through previous acquisitions. Our business is not capital intensive. Our customers pay us at longer intervals than our payments of expenses (e.g. staff salaries). This time differential, along with the time from incurring the costs, to invoicing the customer, makes up the majority of our working capital requirements.